Dog Photos: Cause we need that right now

Spoiler Alert! There is not a single recipe in this post.

To be completely transparent here, I just don’t have the energy, my brain is in overdrive this week and it is only Monday.

I sense heaping piles of pizza rolls and ranch in my future. Let’s call it self care 🙂

What I have for you this week are some of my favorite dog photos! Small dogs, big dogs, happy dogs, serious dogs, smooshy face dogs.

Now to end on a more serious note.

Everyone has been impacted by Covid whether it is physically, mentally or financially.

We are fortunate enough to live in a time where reaching out to a loved one is always at our fingertips. Send a text. Make a call. Set up a virtual hangout so they can see your dirty hair and tequila shot in hand (no shame). Check in often.

Wear a mask.

Social distance.

Stay home.


If there is one positive thing I can pull out of 2020 it is that all the dogs with work from home parents are happy as ever! Now if we could just get them to help pay the bills.

My security blanket is very boney.

Wear your mask! You look cute in it and have beautiful eyes.

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