Dog Photos: Cause we need that right now

Spoiler Alert! There is not a single recipe in this post. To be completely transparent here, I just don’t have the energy, my brain is in overdrive this week and it is only Monday. I sense heaping piles of pizza rolls and ranch in my future. Let’s call it self care 🙂 What I haveContinue reading “Dog Photos: Cause we need that right now”

That’s What Cheese Said…

I was a little lazy this past week, maybe it was all the rain. Did you know today is already Tuesday? Thankfully, this week is all sunshine, I thrive on sunshine! So this has me feeling extra cheesy. I may have started decorating my house for Christmas already, it’s 2020 and I no longer haveContinue reading “That’s What Cheese Said…”

I’m Chilly Let’s Eat Chili

Forecast in the STL this week is gloomy and cold. To me that just screams chili! Not just any chili, Wendys chili. Now, I did some serious research on this. I am talking reading recipe after recipe until I came across one written by someone with such a passion for Wendys I knew I hadContinue reading “I’m Chilly Let’s Eat Chili”

Forget Party Time, It’s Quesarito Time

One of the hardest decisions in life has got to be choosing between a Taco Bell quesadilla or a burrito. Right? Okay maybe not but we all have our priorities. Thank you Taco Bell for creating a concoction that brings these two beauties together. So cheesy, so messy, so worth it. As you may know,Continue reading “Forget Party Time, It’s Quesarito Time”

Quesadilla Sauce is Life

This weeks recipe is a fun one because it requires zero cooking but it is so very important to me. I am a firm believer that every dish deserves some sort of sauce, everything from fish, steak, pork, chicken, vegetables, tacos and sandwiches. Sandwiches are also very important to me. Taco Bell Quesadillas are soContinue reading “Quesadilla Sauce is Life”

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